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Family–Friendly, affordable Queens Cooperative Living just minutes from Manhattan.

Welcome to Queensview.


A visitor may find that those who live here think that Queensview is something special, even unique.

One reason is the pride we take in our buildings, grounds, play areas, facilities, etc. Another is the way the entire area is excellently maintained. But perhaps the most important reason is the realization that Queensview is run by us, that we, the cooperators, are fully in charge here. Because Queensview is self-governing, we look to incoming cooperators not only as new neighbors, but as people who can, and should, pick up the responsibilities of running the place. The continued success of Queensview depends on your participation in our affairs.

Our Success

The success of Queensview can be attributed to a number of factors. Among these are a convenient location, generous ground space, good planning and excellent architectural design. The complex comprises 14 buildings (726 apartments in total) set on 9 acres. Each building has approximately 52 apartments, with only four apartments on a floor, permitting everyone to enjoy a corner apartment. The buildings are offset and occupy only 14% of the land, so that there is space for two playgrounds and off-street parking, all surrounded by spacious lawns and attractive landscaping. Each building has a laundry room and several buildings have community or club rooms, which are extensively used by a wide-ranging variety of groups.

Make Yourself at Home

We invite you to look around the site, which we hope you will find to be a source of information, insight, memories and much more.

Welcome to Queensview.