Apartment Alteration Policy

This statement sets forth the general policy and rules governing the renovation of Queensview ("QV") apartments by shareholders as of 13 April 2006. It is neither a contract nor a promise and no party other than QV may make any claim based upon reliance on this statement. Only the Board of Directors ("Board") has the right to make variances to this policy, and may supplement or amend these rules at any time without prior notice. Any person desiring to make alterations must obtain written permission in advance from the Board for the specific alterations desired.


  1. This policy DOES apply to any extensive renovation including but not limited to bathroom and kitchen (including replacement of kitchen cabinets) renovation, floor scraping or sanding, or anything requiring plumbing and/or electrical work. Additionally, shareholders are prohibited from performing any work that blocks access to building systems.
  2. This policy DOES NOT apply to decorative renovations including but not limited to painting, wallpapering, and retiling.
  3. Whether or not this policy applies, any shareholder doing any work in any apartment must comply with all environmental laws and regulations.

Shareholder Requirements

  1. A signed Alteration Agreement, the form for which can be obtained from the Management Office. Note that the Board may impose other requirements, depending upon the scope of the proposed alterations.
  2. Apartment insurance: Liability (minimum of $300,000) and Personal Contents (minimum $30,000). Shareholder must present a certificate of insurance to the QV management office.
  3. Application fee (personal check or money order) of $50 made payable to Queensview, Inc.
  4. Renovation Deposit in the initial amount of $1,500 (certified check or money order) made payable to "Queensview, Inc.", which will be refundable when renovations are completed. Full refund is contingent upon full compliance with Renovation Rules and House Rules. QV in its sole discretion may require a larger deposit depending upon the scope of the proposed alteration, all of which must be received by QV prior to commencing any work.
  5. Signed contract with contractor, which also provides a detailed list of renovations. If any plumbing and electrical work of any kind is involved, a licensed plumber and electrician must perform the work. Detailed specifications of all plumbing and electrical work is required. The contract with the contractor and any plans, specifications and working drawings may be reviewed by an architect and/or engineer designated by the Board, at the shareholder's expense. Such review does not constitute any representation by QV or anyone else that such work complies with law or will perform as desired.
  6. Start date and completion date of renovation. For each calendar day that the work remains unfinished after the specified completion date QV may impose a daily penalty fee.
  7. Shareholders are responsible to obtain all required permits, sign-offs, certificate of occupancy amendments, etc. at their expense. Additionally, shareholders are required to abide by all environmental laws, rules and regulations, including but not limited to lead paint and asbestos removal guidelines.
  8. Upon completion of renovation, the responsibility for maintaining, repairing, replacing and insuring any alterations are the shareholder's. All subsequent shareholders of the apartment must assume responsibility for such alterations in writing as a condition of their purchase.
  9. Written notification of the renovation project to the other apartments on that floor, as well as the apartments directly above and below will be made by Management. Shareholders making alterations are responsible for any damage or disruption caused by the alterations.

Contractor/Plumber/Electrician Requirements

  1. Contractor/Plumber/Electrician/Insurance as contained in Schedule "A" of the Alteration Agreement. Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance are required. Insurance certificate must name the following as "Additional Insured" (see Schedule "A"):
    1. Queensview, Inc., their Officers, Directors, Management and employees
    2. Name and address of shareholders in whose apartment work is being performed
  2. Contractor License/Plumbing License/Electrician License.
  3. Worker's Compensation insurance.
  4. List of emergency contact numbers from contractor/plumber/electrician.
  5. All required information shall be provided to Management BEFORE the commencement of any work.

Renovation Rules and Regulations

    1. A licensed plumber must perform ALL plumbing additions and/or alterations to water and/or gas pipes. ALL PLUMBING ADDITIONS AND/OR ALTERATIONS MUST BE FILED WITH AND SIGNED OFF BY THE APPROPRIATE GOVERNING AGENCIES. Gas mains may NOT be relocated, but branches from the mains may be altered subject to QV review and consent.
    2. All shower body replacements must be pressure-balancing and include integral stops, as well as an anti-scalding device.
    3. Brass pipe with threaded connections is to be used on all branch pipes. Sweat pipe is allowed on the installation of pressure-balancing shower bodies. 
    4. Any existing shut-off valves are to be replaced and included in new plumbing configuration with prior notice to Management and must remain accessible. Concealed or enclosed shut-off valves are NOT permitted.
    5. Jacuzzi, Whirlpool and Spa tubs are NOT permitted.
    6. All plumbing fixtures are to be replaced with those of like or superior quality. Toilets must be low-flow tank and bowl.
    7. Plumbing supply lines, vent lines and toilet and tub waste traps SHALL NOT be relocated unless plumbing plans are filed with and approved by the New York City Department of Buildings ("DOB"), and the Board and Management approve the relocation.
    8. Forty-eight (48) hours notice must be given to Management before water will be shut off to make installations and/or alterations. Water shut offs shall be limited in duration as deemed appropriate by QV.
    9. Before walls are closed up, all plumbing work is to be inspected by a QV appointed, licensed plumber and Management. Twenty-four (24) hours advance notice must be given to Management for plumbing inspections. The cost of any such inspection must be paid by the shareholders making the alterations.
    10. Washing machines and dryers are NOT allowed.
    1. All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician.
    2. WIRE MOLD may be installed on the exterior of the walls and ceiling in order to run electrical lines to a fixture or appliance with the prior approval of Management.
    3. Appliances or fixtures that overload the electrical system are NOT allowed.
    4. All electrical work is to be inspected by Management and may be inspected by an licensed electrician chosen by QV. Any costs involved for the inspection of electrical work shall be paid by the shareholders.
    5. All work not in compliance with New York City Electrical Code will be required to be re-installed to comply with such code.
  3. STRUCTURAL: The removing, moving, or alteration (e.g. kitchen pass-thru) of walls is not permitted without QV and Management approval and DOB permit (where applicable).
    1. All renovation debris including but not limited to appliances, boxes, carpeting, wood, flooring, tiles, walls, concrete, doors, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, plaster, furniture, etc., MUST BE CARTED OFF THE PROPERTY BY EITHER THE CONTRACTOR OR THE SHAREHOLDER. All carters must be licensed and insured. If any debris is discarded on the property by the contractor, shareholder, or anyone related to the renovation of the apartment, QV will charge no less than $200 for the removal of debris for each occurrence.
    2. All work shall be undertaken only between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekdays, not including legal holidays, and between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM on weekends and legal holidays.
    3. Elevators shall be protected with padding for delivery or removal of materials to the apartment. The LAST REMOVAL OR DELIVERY of items in the ELEVATOR must be completed by 4:30 PM.
    4. All debris caused by the renovation must be immediately swept, vacuumed, and washed from the building hallways, elevator, vestibules, and property. QV may charge the shareholder $50 per occurrence if the maintenance staff must clean debris or areas that the contractor(s) did not clean.
    5. All contractor trades must properly and adequately protect the building flooring, walls, ceiling, elevator, bricks, windows, etc. when removing items from or delivering items to the apartment. The shareholder and contractor(s) will be held responsible for all damages to the building and property.
    6. Construction materials and debris cannot be stored in the hallways at any time.
    7. Debris cannot be removed or thrown out the windows.
    8. All contractor trades should use the rear entrance for access to or egress from the building if possible.
    9. Contractor vehicles are not permitted to park, load, or unload in the parking lots. However, contractor vehicles may unload in the parking lot "bay areas" for a short period of time and then remove their vehicle from the parking lot.
    10. The shareholder is responsible for the building entry of contractors and any person or company related to the apartment renovation. Workers shall sign in at the Maintenance shop and be given temporary QV Identification Cards which shall be worn at all times while performing work on QV property.
    11. Shareholders are responsible for ensuring that all QV Renovation Rules, House Rules, or any other applicable rules or policies are not being violated.
    12. The Manager and Superintendent have the right to monitor all renovation work, and to shut down the job, if deemed necessary. However, neither Management nor the Superintendent has the right to consent to any variation from the alterations as approved by the Board.
    13. The Board may impose different requirements and may vary the terms of this Alteration Policy in any specific case.

For further information, please also see:


Queens County DOB Office:
120-55 Queens Boulevard, 1st Floor
Kew Gardens, NY 11424-1015
Tel: (718) 286-0600

Bureau of Electrical Control:
2322 Municipal Building, New York, NY 10007
Tel: (212) 669-8353

This statement of apartment renovation policies and procedures was approved by the Board of Directors effective as of 04/13/06, and amended on the following date: 05/09/06

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