Queensview Groups

Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals

A Must Class For Every City Kid!


Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals is a class geared toward children aged 3 months through 5 years that incorporates a wide variety of musical activities, including singing, dancing, musical story telling, and instrumental jam sessions. The original material used in class uniquely reflects and celebrates the lives of children growing up in an urban environment, as well as more traditional themes universal to all children. A Must Class for every city kid.

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Life Skills Through Sports Skills

Amy Sacks

Playball is a sports program which progressively builds skills in children age two to 12 years old. It was developed over 30 years ago by Sports Psychologists and Occupational Therapists.

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Queensview Aesthetics & Gardening Committee

“Come Grow With Us”

Toni Ceaser

The Queensview Aesthetics & Gardening Committee’s goals are to help enhance the aesthetics of Queensview and beautify its grounds.

Headed by Queensview Board Member Toni Ceaser, the Committee has more than 20 members (see Membership List on the Cast and Crew page in Greensview), who have contributed well over $1,200 in cash and plant donations that have already been put to use. A basic core group of about ten cooperators attends most meetings and carries out the bulk of the work. The Committee meets once or twice a month; most decisions are reached by consensus.

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Queensview Community Council

“We Work for a Better Queensview”

The Community Council (“CC”) is the organization through which the residents of Queensview (QV)…promote the general welfare and…develop a spirit of neighborliness, friendship, and goodwill; consult with, advise, and voluntarily assist QV on matters of mutual interest; and…strive for the improvement of all public facilities and service within the area surrounding QV.

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Queensview Nursery School & Kindergarten

Helen Varsam

Queensview Nursery School & Kindergarten is a cooperative private school allowing parents the opportunity to participate fully in your child's education.

Attendance options to suit your needs: Half and full days, mornings and/or afternoon. Early (8:00 AM) dropoff. 3 or 5 days a week option for Nursery, Universal Pre-K and Kindergarten, and a 6-week summer session is also available.

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Selfhelp Community Services

Queensview/North Queensview NORC Program

Program Director:
Donna DelCielo, LMSW

The mission of Selfhelp's NORC programs is to maintain seniors in their homes and community by providing a continuum of services in collaboration with our community partners. NORC programs are open to seniors 60+ without regard to race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

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