Queensview Community Council

“We Work for a Better Queensview”

The Community Council (“CC”) is the organization through which the residents of Queensview (QV)…promote the general welfare and…develop a spirit of neighborliness, friendship, and goodwill; consult with, advise, and voluntarily assist QV on matters of mutual interest; and…strive for the improvement of all public facilities and service within the area surrounding QV.

The CC consists of two building representatives, plus an alternate, elected annually by the cooperators of each building. It meets monthly except during July and August. Meeting notices are posted on the front lobby bulletin boards. All residents are welcome to attend and participate in the discussions. Voting, however, is restricted to the building representatives.

The CC sponsors the “QV Newsletter”, a periodical of news and views, which is distributed free of charge to all cooperators. It also conducts an annual Christmas-Chanukah fund collection for the benefit of the staff.