Queensview Board of Directors

Lavinia Galatis, President

Lavinia Galatis


Term Ends: 2018


  • Building & Grounds
  • Aesthetics & Gardening
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Energy Conservation Submetering
  • Executive Committee
  • Finance
  • Move-in/Move-out
  • Security

Lavinia Galatis is a civil engineer by trade, a parent by vocation and a Queensview resident for the last years.

As an engineer, she has years of experience that she is building on in her career as a Senior Project Manager for the Port Authority of NY & NJ.

As a parent, Lavinia was involved in the New York City School System ever since her daughter started pre-kindergarten in Queensview Nursery School and Kindergarten. She worked extensively with the PTAs, SLTs and CEC.

As a resident of Queensview, Lavinia was Building 2’s Representative for the Queensview Community Council for a few years, and a member of the Long Term Planning Committee, with which she shared her experience and expertise on some of the committee’s projects.

She hopes that her presence on the Board brings some cohesion and transparency, and seeks to engage the cooperators so that more trust can be established between them and the Board of Directors. Since, after all, a director is a representative of the shareholders that has their vote of confidence via election, she seeks to make the right decisions for the good of Queensview and to think not only about today but more about tomorrow so that when it arrives, we are prepared. Lavinia wants to make sure that Queensview’s health will be ensured to be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren, and that it’s left in a good state of repair when someday they own it.

Lavinia Galatis resides in Queensview's Building 14.

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